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Custom Screen Printing Services


Screen Printing Capabilities...
Our two shift operation and six dedicated automatic print
lines help insure a timely delivery of our customer’s jobs.
Screen printing is achieved in both U.V. and conventional
solvent based inks.
We offer 4-color process and spot color printing in
50 LPI up to 85 LPI, depending on substrate, with size
capability up to 12" in length.
Sub-surface printing is also available,
as well as 1- and 2-sided printing.



     • 2 Macintosh Power Mac G5/Dual 2 GHz     
     • 2 Macintosh Power Mac G4/867
     • Macintosh Power Mac G3/333 w/Harlequin RIP
     • Macintosh Power Mac G3/333 w/Trapwise    
     • 2 LaCie Electron22blue III 22” Monitors    
     • LaCie Electron22blue IV 22” Monitor    
     • LaCie Electron19blue IV 19” Monitor
     • 2 Apple Multiscan 20” Trinitron Monitors
     • X-rite Eye One Match Monitor Profiler
     • X-rite Eye One Match Spectrophotometer
     • HP Pavilion PC with Data Capture Software
     • X-RITE 508 Spectrodensitometer
     • X-Rite 361T Densitometer
     • X-Rite 341 Portable Densitometer
     • DROBO / DroboShare Data Storage
     • T-1 speed Internet
     • Netgear Gigabit Ethernet
     • FTP Dropsite


     • M&R Inline 64” x 80” 4-Color Processor
     • SIAS Area Ultra 50” x 144” with Automatic Takeoff Unit
     • PATRIOT 52” x 84” Flat Bed with Automatic Takeoff Unit
     • PATRIOT 52” x 84” Flat Bed with Automatic Takeoff Unit
     • RENEGADE 38” x 50” Flat Bed With Automatic Takeoff Unit
     • SVECIA 41” x 57” Four Post Printer with Automatic Takeoff Unit
     • FILBAR 35” x 45” Manual Flat Bed
     • 3 VITRAN UV Dryers 60” Width Capacity
     • AMERICAN Ultraviolet Dryer 60” Width Capacity
     • X-RITE 508 Spectrodensitometer
     • HP Pavilion PC with Data Capture System and Trend
       Analysis Software
     • ENCORE Engineering Diamond Cut Squeegee Sharpener


     • Color Star Custom Ink Mixing Software
     • A & D Gram Scale (Accurate to .1 Gram)


     • Utilizing all Mac platforms.
     • Updated Mac or PC versions of the following software:
        Photoshop, Quark  Xpress, Freehand, Illustrator, InDesign
        and Acrobat.


     • ECRM Stingray 63 Imagesetter    
     • G&J MultiLink Pro28 Online Processor for Stingray 63
     • Stripping Line Up Tables
     • HP Pavilion PC with Wasatch Rip
     • Autotype Aspect Quadra-54” Film output device
     • Autotype Aspect Quadra-64” Film output device
     • Stripping Line Up Tables
     • HP Pavilion PC with EFI Fiery XF Rip
     • Epson Stylus Pro 9900 Color Proofing


     • 86” x 126” M&R Digikote Automatic Coating Machine
     • 80” x 185” Automated Douthitt DMZ Screen Exposure Unit
     • 86” x 106” Automated Douthitt DMV Screen Exposure Unit
     • SEFAR Pneumatic Stretch Bar System   


     • UNDERCUT 86” Power Cutter
     • BAUMFOLDER 30.5” Computer Program Cutter
     • CHALLENGE 30” Power Cutter
     • ROSENTHAL 60” Sheeter and Slitter
     • 24” Back-slitter
     • Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines
     • Custom Finishing and Assembly, Collating and Packaging
     • Full Production Collating and Packaging
     • On Site Inventory Management
     • UPS Worldship and FedEx Shipping, Tracking &
        Accounting Systems

The Fulfillment Department processes jobs on a daily basis.
We will assemble, collate, pack and ship your products
anywhere worldwide. If needed, warehousing for indeterminate periods of time is also an option.
We have partnered with all major shipping companies
and utilize online tracking services to provide an efficient
and accurate accounting of all shipments and deliveries.



Contact us or call (866) 439-1076 toll free with any questions about our Custom Screen Printing Products and Services.
We will be happy to submit samples or provide you with any further information you may need.